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The all new SilverSurfers range of power assisted baths have been designed by caring professionals for professional carers. At the touch of a button, the powered seat lift will gently lift the bather and rotate the seat over the bath rim and down in to the temperature controlled water. Folding arm rests and optional lap strap make the experience safe, comfortable and stress free for the bather. The care assistant can then use the hand control set to raise the bath to a comfortable working height. The SilverSurfers range of baths protects both the bather and the carer.

SilverSurfer power assisted baths are delivered ready for easy connection to utility services by any qualified installers, or if you prefer by our own fully trained fitters. The Assisted Bathing Company offers a choice of sizes and styles for both nursing care and domestic situations. All SilverSurfer baths are fitted with WRAS approved bah fillers, TMV3 valves and hand held, trigger controlled shower/hairwash sprays. Our baths are wholly designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards, with in-built reliability using the latest technology, and all are hand built to achieve our luxurious finish. Our Quality Guarantee gives peace of mind and makes bathing safe and more enjoyable for all.

Easy to use

So simple

safe and

easy to use

It’s simple.

One touch technology on the ergonomic thermoplastic handset allows the bathing assistant to power the seat transfer unit up and out of the bath - then traverse the seat out at 90 degrees. The seat is then lowered to the required height for the transfer of the bather safely onto the seat.

It’s safe.

Once safely seated with the arm rests down - at the touch of the button the seat very gently lifts the bather up and then over the bath and then gently down into the water ready for bathing in total safety and comfort. Parker Anderson has used this transfer technology for over 20 years in conjunction with our Scandinavian technology partners and our UK electronic programming engineering partners.

It’s easy.

Built in lift programming allows the bathing assistant to raise the whole bath including water and bather to their required suitable bathing height - reducing the risk of back problems for your staff and making the whole bathing experience more enjoyable for all.

Quality engineering



both above

and below

Quality above.

Our baths have been built by hand for over 20 years and the quality always shines through. A double application of the finest sanitary grade gel coat containing AntiBac-SR® (with anti-bacterial Silver Ion technology) is hand brushed onto our highly polished glass mould surface to attain our superb finish. Several layers of 900gm bound chopped strand glass fibre matting is laid by hand using special steel rollers with a Lloyds approved quick curing resin system for a strong finish. Once taken off the mould, we trim by hand using precision diamond cutters and finish all the edges by rubbing them back and then the shell is polished with high speed wool buffing finishing tools. 

Quality below.

For over 20 years our in-house design engineers have worked in conjunction with CCL our precision Technology partner in designing bath lifts for our complete range for the whole Parker Anderson Group. Many of the internal bearings and frame parts are designed and manufactured in-house whilst outsourcing the actuators and handsets from Scandinavia.  We fully assemble and test each bath  prior to despatch and fulfil all regulatory requirements within this process.The SilverSurfers range of assisted  bathing products are built to a quality to be proud of.

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