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3 options and in 3 sizes.

Currently we offer an 1800mm version plus a 1685mm and a 1625mm version in both Hi Lo variable height and in the fixed height ranges. The 1685mm is our domestic bath with a sculpted line inside the shell. 


All come fitted with our traverse transfer seat including arm rests for getting in and out of the bath plus a soft head rest for more comfort. Also as standard is our own Anderson flexi shower spray for rinsing the bather. 


We have an optional range of WRAS approved bath taps, Air Spa therapy and Chromatherapy systems.


The choice is yours - we offer as standard the baths in bright white but you can choose any RAL colour to colour your bath or parts thereof. 


The baths are factory fitted ready to plug and play with our one touch handsets - with ratified connections for both water and electricity. 


As part of our package we offer nationwide coverage for our factory trained installation, commissioning and remedial Teams.

Silversurfer (Fixed height)
Chrome Lever Taps (PHO-137)
Chrome Lever Taps(LIF-137)
Side Panel (Plain)
Side Panel (Wave)
Side Panel (Diamond)
Hydrotherapy, Chromotherapy and Spa
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